Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Inherited a few pot plants over the weekend as friends are moving interstate and have to leave their plants behind. Enter this frangipani. It came to me in a plastic pot that was inside the terracotta pot above. While I love terracotta pots, the colour of them don't really work in my garden as all the others are weathered whites, light and dark greys, zinc and galvanised pots. So out came the paint...

First I sprayed the inside of the pot with a waterproof sealer.

Then I painted the outside with two coats of Resene Iron, left over after painting our lounge room last year. In went some potting mix, the frangipani and some compost from our bin that all our fruit and veg scraps get thrown into. The compost had been cooking for a while (we have two bins, one on the go and the other breaking down).

Now all I need is the Husband to lift it off the garden table...

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