Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hottie topic

The rain gently, but consistently, falling this morning is like music. Until last weekend, our garden had got into a bit of state but after one of those big efforts where you fall exhausted but satisfied onto the couch on Sunday evening we now smile when we walk outside rather than cringe. I think we were infected by some Autumn nesting bug when the clocks turned back on Saturday night.

The cool air starts to gather round the doors in the late afternoon and last night we kept it at bay by roasting chicken for dinner followed by brownies I'd backed during the day. I slunk off to the bedroom pretty quickly after that for a quiet read of a good book accompanied by a hottie and cup of herbal tea. It's something I'm trying to turn into a midweek ritual as it's so relaxing and makes me feel like I'm holiday.

The Cat rather likes it too. Unsurprisingly.


  1. ah. the rain. we've heard its melody all day too. my children and i just finished a nice chakra session , as it poured outside we were grounding our root. i feel so relaxed now, off for a nice cup of bush tea. x

  2. It sounds like the most delightful autumn week.

    Hopefully I will catch that autumn nesting bug soon as my poor garden has been rather neglected lately.