Friday, April 15, 2011

Ikea run

Had to do a quick Ikea run during the week so the Child could take a look and see if she liked any of the rugs for her room (success, we got a green Andrea rug) and picked up these new Varligt tea towels while I was there. Two cotton/linen mix teatowels for $6.99 seemed a pretty good deal to me.

They're slightly scrunchy in the pic because I'd given them a wash and just taken them off the line. I can squint and pretend they're expensive French rumpled ones, that way. They also come in lovely washed-out pale red and natural colourways.

I have a bit of a tea-towel obsession so these will be added to my always growing pile. Though I think they'd also work as a cushion cover. I sense another Ikea run in the near future...

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  1. Hello :) I just found your blog through Beach Vintage. I am so happy you are a homebody as so am I am pretty certain it is a SKILL. I also love your photography, it's just beautiful and your posts inspiring. A new blog to love xo