Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pick up sticks

The Child and Husband eyed me dubiously as I produced two rather large baskets of twigs I'd been collecting over the summer from the garden. I'd been squirrelling them away rather than putting them in the green recycling bin because I had a plan. They backed into the house and left me to it.

Spent a happy three-quarters-of-an-hour tying bundles of them up to use as kindling in our fireplace when winter hits. I tried it out on a bunch or two last year and they worked an absolute treat.

Felt slightly guilty later in the day when I saw one of the local doves pick up a small twig from our garden and fly it back under the jasmine that grows along our fence. I've possibly held up the renovations that must be going on in there. No doubt I'll be hearing from the Council shortly.


  1. Your kindling looks prettier than any other kindling I've seen..must be the string:)
    We lit our fire last night after hubby had been wood cutting all afternoon. Sad to say, guess what he forgot? Yes, we had no kindling :(

  2. ah, i do love a nice crackling fire. x

  3. it is always hard for me to read some people are heading to winter !!! ;)
    but as for these twigs, i'd say it is a very good idea and nice that you planned ahead !

  4. We were away most of last week so only got to try out the twigs for the first time last night. Spending our first night back in front of the fire was a lovely homecoming.
    Ah, what an anti climax Tania! Poor hubby. And I know what you mean Valerie. All the European blogs are featuring first daffodils and prettiness of the spring season while we're just starting to sharpen our marshmallow sticks down here. x