Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Private party

I like to fiddle about the house moving things about just because it makes me happy and, possibly, because I have trouble keeping still for too long if the sun is up.

Today, though, I walked past my craft cupboard and realised all the little things that had been popped on top without much thought had their own little thing going on. Bit like a private party. I honestly didn't move a thing before I took the photo.

The jug is filled with left-over ironing water, the camellias are prunings from tidying up the garden last week and the lamp base I'd bought at a school fete for $1, for which I made the lampshade, because it was too good to leave unwanted at the stall.

Proof, I think, sometimes doing nothing is best of all.

(If you're reading this, ignore the last line Husband.)


  1. Just found this blog and I really like it. A great combination of crafty, homebody and thoughtful.