Thursday, April 28, 2011

When doves spy

I have a little desk in front of a window, which is where I work (when I'm not sprawled over the dining room table). In front of that window is a Lilly Pilly tree we planted about 8 years ago. In that Lilly Pilly tree are two spotted turtle doves who've made their home there recently. The nests, which look little more than a few twigs each, are about two metres away from where I sit. Clearly, spotted turtle doves aren't the engineers of the bird world.

If the window is open, they become nervous and eventually fly away for a while. If closed, though, they will sit there cooing for hours.

Our garden isn't big. In fact it's small. But the pleasures it brings are immense.


  1. Oh how lovely, we only have a small garden too but it is amazing what fits into it and the bird life is just so nice to watch. Our birdbath is where we see most of them. x

  2. I love having birds so close by, to be able to sit and watch without them flying away. In my lounge room I used to have some blue wrens that would tap on the window, they were so cute to watch. Your blog is lovely by the way.:)