Friday, April 29, 2011

To paint or not to paint

Picked up these three frames on the weekend with the intention of painting them all the same brightish colour for the Child's room. Trouble is, I feel guilty at the thought of destroying old photos and I appreciate the worn, knocked-about quality of these pictures as they are. They have a history and are a link to a past, albeit one that's unknown. That would all be wiped out with a paintbrush and new prints.

The bottom one doesn't bother me as that just contains a collection of photocopied bits and pieces from a magazine but the other two are photos of a wedding and a school class. Both were precious enough to someone to frame.

Trouble is, my home is not a museum and I have no place for them as they are. Besides, they're dirty and spotted with mildew. Which just makes them sadder as they've clearly been neglected for a long time.

Fifteen dollars for the three seemed a bargain on Sunday but now I wish I'd just picked up something characterless at Ikea. To paint or not to paint. That is the question...


  1. I agree it is a hard question, I understand your conundrum. You could look at it that whoever donated them no longer wanted them. They would get a new lease on life after you painted them which would be nice. Enjoy your weekend:)

  2. Perhaps you could dontate the photos back to an op-shop, for someone who collects old photos to find? That might ease any guilty feelings? The frames are beautiful and deserve a new lease of life I think. :)

  3. Thank you both. Thinking I will paint them and donate the photos. Great idea, Christina.