Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mission accomplished

The stripes are finished. Took 3.5 days due to various mishaps. The art is still to be hung, which is another project as old frames have been bought and need to be painted before we can start fiddling with arrangements. We're tossing up between lime green and coral for the frames to give the room a bit of zing. The Child will hand down her Solomon-like decision soon.

Here, the area above the picture rail has been painted and the old stripes obliterated with a couple of coats of Whisper White.

The lines of the old stripes were easy to see (yes!), so made placement of the masking tape easy. Mishap one: ran out of masking tape on a public holiday.

Newman's Eye half strength goes on to form the stripes. Mishap two: the far right wall didn't work out. At all. When the masking tape was removed so were large swathes of every coat of paint the wall has ever seen since it was built in 1926. Peeled the lot back like an over-ripe orange until I reached bare wall. Looked more like a Tuscan outhouse or turn-of-the-century Surry Hills slum. Quite fetching and an effect that turns up in a lot of photo shoots but not quite what we were aiming for. A Fail, as the Child would say. So that wall is now a solid blue.

I like to think of it as the return of the feature wall.

Works for me and, more importantly, the Child who loves her new room. Operation stripes declared a success. Mission accomplished.


  1. What a very pretty blue. As a child I always wanted a blue room rather than pink. Love the stripes and the the period features of your house.

  2. It looks lovely!
    I have never been brave enough to do stripes but yours are making me very jealous.

  3. They're actually easier than you might think, Ingrid. I spent a ridiculous amount of time with plumb lines and all manner of silliness when I first did them. If I was starting from scratch now I'd just use a pencil and spirit level as a ruler. Should you ever be tempted, that is...