Friday, April 1, 2011


I've finally solved the problem of where to store rolls of wrapping paper. I spied this wire bin a month ago at Le Forge but at $95 thought it was too expensive so didn't buy it.

I knew it was right, though, and I'd regret not getting it. So I did. Very happy I am too. Particularly as I saw it again at Orson & Blake in Woollahra last week for twice the price.

Now I tell myself I scored a bargain.

At 53cm high, it holds a lot so I reckon if I ever get a dedicated wrapping room a la Candy Spelling I can use it as a bedroom laundry basket, wood basket, even a lamp shade if I could bear to cut the bottom out of it.

Would make a fantastic industrial-style lampshade, actually, and we have high ceilings so it would fit. And the electrical fittings to make it happen. Oh dear, what to do...


  1. and a lovely stash of paper you have, I might add. I linked through to your blog today, as I covered a lampshade last night and thought your 101 was a great tutorial, you can check it out here:

  2. Your wrapping paper made me want to dive write into the bin with it and wrap myself - how pretty! (Especially the grey with white polkadot)

  3. Thank you both! The grey spotty paper is my favourite too. I picked it and blue spots and the stripey stuff up at Peter's of Kensington before Christmas. It was cheeeeeeeap and has a very lovely texture.

  4. i love it when i find something and can think of not one but so many things to do with it. yah! xx