Monday, April 4, 2011


The Child was finishing an art assignment on the weekend and this print fell out of the heavy artbook she'd taken out of our bookshelf. It's a print of our cat Maisie, who died a few years ago. It was commissioned to accompany a story The Husband wrote for Notebook after her death.

At the time The Husband contacted the US illustrator Karen Greenberg to ask if we could buy a print. She generously printed it out and sent it to us. It was popped into the back of the art book for safe keeping and eventually forgotten about. Until the weekend.

As we're getting together some new art while redecorating The Child's room, this still-to-be-framed print of Maisie will finally find a home.

Here's the story The Husband wrote (he's a lovely writer). It's an early PDF of the magazine layout (we don't have a final) which is why there's empty pic boxes and strikethrough text in captions. His words, though, didn't change.

This Life July


  1. I remember reading this article a long time ago..and thought it articulated well the happiness, humour and sadness a pet can bring. And how your life changes around them. Lovely illustration too!

  2. note to self, don't read animal stories prior to seeing clients at work, the smudged mascara is such a bad look...

  3. Sorry Tracey!

    It is a lovely illustration, Tania, we love it. Doesn't look a thing like her, though. She was much more elegant looking, which only added to the hilarity of her being so unco at times. Imagine Audrey Hepburn with a paunch and oversized hands and feet.

  4. Hi Vera,

    I'm bingeing on your blog now I've finally settled in a bit in London... beautiful! And I loved this piece. One of my favourites by Phil (and of course the ones where he complained about your crochet... the hot-water bottle incident... your mother...) he he he.

    Hope all's well with you!