Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Modern vintage

Arrived home earlier this morning after taking the Child to the airport for her first unaccompanied minor flight to New Zealand to visit cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents to find a familiar-looking package on the doormat. Another gem had landed from the Book Depository.

I've been semi-collecting the decorating titles published by Ryland, Peters & Small for some years now as there's a similar aesthetic running through them that appeals to me. The latest, Modern Vintage Style by Emily Chalmers of Caravan fame, has some shots/houses I haven't seen before, such as this knitted iMac cover.

Then there are bursts of general prettiness I love, such as the wattle against this blue/grey wall. The flowers are actually fake mimosa, according to the book, but I'm choosing to ignore that.

Just the thing to take my mind off the Child flying by herself across the Pacific. For a minute.


  1. oh she will be fine. and that book looks beautiful! thanks for sharing..i love book depository. great deals! x

  2. Nothing like a good book for an effective distraction. Looks like a lovely book. Might have to put it on the wishlist.

  3. The Publisher of STSP stood sobbing quietly outside customs as The Child was whisked away by a flight attendant. I said "Well, time to go," but through the tears the Publisher of STSP said we had to wait for five minutes "in case she comes back". So we stood quietly for a while. She didn't come back. But she will in a week.
    - The Husband

  4. The Book Depository! Disappointed, Vera! Support your little local bookstore and your friendly local bookseller - or they'll disappear before you know it. The Book Depository is to books what Bunnings is to nurseries or Gloria Jean's is to coffee....

  5. When my local bookshop can sell this title for $22, which is what I bought it for, Anonymous, rather than $50, which is what it retails for in Australia, I will. The local bookshop didn't miss out on a sale because at $50 I wouldn't have bought the book at all.
    The case of buying books in Australia is not like buying from Bunnings or Gloria Jeans, because Australian booksellers are restricted by legislation to buying overseas books at higher prices themselves. A restriction which doesn't apply in other industries. It has nothing to do with cultural imperialism.
    To push the burden onto the consumer is a simplistic argument in the case of books. The Australian book-selling industry deserves to be supported but it must begin at a higher level. Here is a well-written article with more details should you wish to learn more: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/arts/on-the-case-for-cheaper-books/story-e6frg8q6-1111118266177