Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Brush with fame

"Desire is the root of all unhappiness," recited The Child as I reached for my purse to buy a magazine and a beautifully crafted wooden bottle brush. Why she came home quoting Buddha after attending a chocolate master class yesterday still hasn't been explained but in an attempt to be at one with the world I ditched the magazine and just bought the brush. At least I got a smile with the eye roll.

Now I'm no Margaret Olley in the still-life department but I do like the way the little jug of pencils beside my computer has been turning into a vision of domestic utilitarian loveliness of late. (Clearly, if the last sentence makes sense I'm not being arty enough.)

So my wooden bottle brush is nestling next to my dish mop, beetroot slice, paint stick and paint-tin lid remover. The only thing missing is a pomegranate.


  1. What a gorgeous image... and so telling, what we keep in reach says a lot about how we choose to spend our time.

  2. And a very fine bottle brush it is! Though wondering which magazine it was that you put back. That takes great self control! Now that would make a great still life. Lovely tape too by the way.

  3. I guess I'll just have to be unhappy - I would never have put back the magazine! Love the brush and the display, Stephie x

  4. Oh, your Child is just a classic! I love the collection - looks beautiful.
    Ronnie xo