Friday, July 29, 2011


I was sorting through a jar of buttons and became distracted by how pretty the colours were once separated. So much so, that I forgot why I was doing it and just started making piles.

I think the way the sun is sparkling today has a lot to do with the distraction. It's hardly spring but for the last few days it's been warm enough to leave the doors open during the middle of the day and lose a layer of clothing.

Spring is definitely in the air. A feeling enhanced by the daily happenings in my window dove's nest.

Turns out there are two babies. They are now so big that the mother barely fits in the nest herself and sometimes watches them from a nearby branch. This hazy photo doesn't do the nest justice but the fault lies in my somewhat dirty window, which I won't clean right now because it's so close to the family I'm worried it'll be too disturbing for everyone.

What's even more alarming is the currawong who shows up several times a day looking at the nest, which I assume it wants to raid (they do that). The mother dove flaps at it and tries to chase it away but being about a third of the size, it's a big ask. Luckily, I'm much bigger than the currawong and run outside and throw lilly pilly berries at it, which the mother dove seems happy for me to do. She doesn't leave but the currawong is off in an instant. It's as if she knows I'm trying to help.

Now, The Husband and The Child have nicknamed me Mother Bird. Hopefully, between us two mother birds we'll be able to keep the babies safe until they can fend for themselves.

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. That nest really doesn't look big enough at all.. they made need an extension...ha ha ha! Thats so sweet that you chase the currawong away :) Hope those little birds will be ok!

  2. those buttons look almost edible! And the birds are lovely - how fascinating t watch them!

  3. Two mother birds have to be better than one methinks! Love all the buttons.

    Happy weekend, Stephie

  4. I just found you via a comment you left on someones blog and I just wanted to say, love your blog!

    Love the vintage buttons too!