Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy days

The alarm will not ring for two whole weeks. At 8.30 this morning, I slipped back into bed for a second cup of tea and a few chapters of my book. As long, luxurious lie-ins are mandatory during this time, I love the school holidays almost as much as The Child does.

The weather is crisp and today's schedule has nothing more to it than a coffee with friends followed by baking some sort of 'volcano cake' as described by The Child. When pushed for a few details, she produces a recipe for a molten chocolate cake.

Oh yes, we can do that. Day sorted.


  1. oh please do share what you are reading....I'm always up for a good book recommendation.
    xo Jana

  2. Of course, Jana, but I don't think it's one you'll want to curl up with for a bit of escapism - as it's all about the hideous reality that's behind cheap, fast, clothes.

    The book is To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing out the World by Lucy Siegle. It's compelling, informative and mind boggling - so gripping reading but definitely not warm and fuzzy.

  3. Looks delightful. I took Major Pettigrew's Last Stand away on holidays and true to your word, it was a fabulous read. Full of laugh out loud moments,good writing and easy reading for the holidays. Thanks for the recommendation. Hope you enjoy the rest of your break.