Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tea for one

I love the idea of herbal tea but, to be honest, the taste of it never seemed to live up to the promise. Even so, every few months I'd pick up another brand or mix in the hope that this was the one. No luck, as each still had some sort of bitter aftertaste reminiscent of sucking on a mossy rock I just didn't like.

Recently, though, my eye was caught by the almost Florence-Broadhurst style packaging of Pukka tea, which I spotted at a local health-food shop. Thinking I'd probably wasted $7.95 on a brand of British tea, I brewed a cup of chamomile and vanilla once back home. I loved it. So much so, that I've tried two other flavours and have been equally delighted.

I'd prefer to be enamoured with an Australian brand, really I would, but with the rain absolutely beating down all of last night and still now, if someone tried to remove the cup of three-ginger (uplifting and warming) from my hands right at this moment I might have a toddler-style tanty.

I'd need a further cup of (delicately sweet and soothing) chamomile and vanilla to calm me down.


  1. packaging alone is worth it, love your little mug wrap too

  2. I'm the same with herbal tea, but that ginger sounds delicious. Norton st?

  3. I have the same relationship with herbal tea. Never really took to it except during pregnancy (when caffeine was a no-no). I wonder if our local health food store stocks these? Did you make the wrap? Love it!

  4. Hello, Just discovered your blog. Not heard of that tea brand before, I know what you mean about herbal tea - green tea for me is ewwwwwww :( Like peppermint tea the best usually from Twinnings mmmmmmm and a bit of camomile when I need a bit of calm.


  5. I would have bought these just for the packaging as herbal tea just doesn't do it for me either. Your description of the aftertaste is perfect!

    I will now be on the look out for these. You have made them sound so delish! Pressure's on if I don't like them!!!!!

    Gorgeous, gorgeous photo and I love the little cuff on the cup. Did you make it?

    Isn't the rain lovely? Stephie x

    PS the Australian made pegs make up for the non- Australian tea methinks!

  6. I love the benefits of herbal tea but I have also never warmed to the flavours. I might have to keep an eye out for this brand.
    I also love your little crocheted mug wrap. Did you make it up yourself? :)

  7. The good news is, yes I made the little wrap (and thank you). Bad news, well, even though the pegs fly the Australian flag colourwise, they're actually made in Britain - which is actually good news for UK readers. Right? Please say yes ;-)