Monday, July 18, 2011


Someone left the pegs out in the rain, Donna Summer-like, and the wooden ones couldn't take it so I needed to top the peg bag up. Should be easy, I thought. Will grab something not-too-offensive from the supermarket next time I'm there.

Silly me. When did pegs become available in shocking pink? Elsa Schiaparelli would turn in her grave. Pink on its own would have been do-able but the manufacturers seemingly thought that too subtle and chucked in (or up) fluoro blue, council-vest yellow, neon orange and an uncharacteristic murky green too. Wearing sunglasses every time I hung out the washing didn't appeal.

Visits to various shops and hardware stores turned up nothing better.

I'm fussy about anything laundry related, I admit, so I had no option but to ignore the whole situation. So, for two months, there's been a peg shortage in this house. Problem resolved as of yesterday.

Now, green and gold isn't a colour combination I normally go for, unless the Olympic Games are on, but these pegs had something to offer the others didn't: they're made from recycled plastic and each individual peg is also recyclable and clearly marked as such. So, home they came.

Eco Force pegs, $3.99 for a pack of 24, from Coles. Even the plastic packet they come in is recyclable.


  1. My hubby bought some of those too for our peg basket. At first I admit thought more plastic but when I noticed they were recycled I wondered why no one thought of it earlier:)

  2. ohh nice to hear! we have a peg shortage too for the same reason.
    thanks, will keep an eye out at coles.

  3. I have a pile of them as well. Eco-friendly & a good, strong peg. What's not to like?