Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Stamp of approval

I love stationery, and I know I'm not alone. Latest addition is this stamp and grey ink pad, $12.95, from Kikki-K yesterday.

Will use it to make notes on documents, because while bill-paying isn't fun I figure it doesn't have to be ugly.

Other ways I'll use it include as school book labels and inside books in the same way as a This-book-belongs-to sticker.


  1. Your photo is beautiful. I am almost convinced that I would enjoy doing the household admin if I had such things around me!

  2. gorgeous shot. letterwriting is neat-o. x

  3. I love this and so cheap! I need one.

  4. Great idea! I love kikki k, there are always so many gorgeous things. I looked at the stamps too, I love the apple one. Might have to go back...x

  5. What a great photo! I love the stamp. I might have to investigate.

    The glass scoop is just beautiful - great find and a fun way to use it too!

    Happy Wednesday, Stephie x