Friday, July 15, 2011

Cinnamon bun cake

It's actually called Ruby's Coffee Cake, which is a bit of a misnomer as there's no coffee in it. Rather, it's a cake you'd have with coffee - or in our case afternoon tea on a cold Sunday.

It's from the Frankie magazine book Afternoon Tea, which I bought when it first came out not because of the recipes but for the granny-chic styling that was thin on the ground back then.

I've picked up the book several times but, to be honest, none of the cakes actually appealed that much as many of them look like things I'd pass over at a church fete. But not having made anything from it in four years bothered me so, against what I thought was my better judgement, I made this cake. It was really good and tastes like a cinnamon bun. The Child is now a big fan.

If you also have this book tucked away, the recipe is on page 76.

Tip: the recipe calls for a round tin but I used a loaf tin because I was worried about it being too dry to be cut into big chunks. It's not, but still think it's better suited to a loaf tin.


  1. That looks delicious..I wish I could follow you on Google..but there is no widget..sorry!

  2. Hi Vera
    if you can, you should get hold of a copy of CWA Cakes...traditional, tempting, tried-and-true...that's what their speel says and it's true. Every cake I've made from it has been perfect. It's granny-ish in a good way (but not Frankie granny-ish, if you know what I mean...

  3. I bought the Afternoon Tea and Sweet Treats book by Frankie for the pretty pictures too and have never cooked a thing from either of them! The cake looks great.

    Happy weekend to you, Stephie x

  4. Glad you got it! I'm a follower now!

  5. looks lovely! gorgeous photos too! Thanks for visiting my blog... i think the trick with the vintage sheets is persistence! I will often come home empty handed but the about of times i visit my local oppies means that every now again i have a win!

    Have a great week - Kel

  6. Oooh I do have this book tucked away! I also bought it less for the recipes and more for the stylin'. This looks worth a shot though! x