Monday, October 24, 2011

Checked out

Red checks seemed to be jumping out at me in old magazines and books I'd been flicking through. Even ripped out an image of some cushions to put in one of my files. Then forgot all about it.

On a foray to Spotlight last week for some thread, I thought I'd check out the fabric. Not something I do all that often as I find Spotlight's combination of fluro lighting and fabric selection pretty uninspiring, bordering on depressing.

But then I spotted the big red cotton check. With no actual project in mind, I momentarily dithered before buying two metres I thought I'd cover an outdoor bench mattress with. When it came home, though, I decided I could also use a tablecloth and some cushions. Back to Spotlight for four more metres. Luckily, Spotlight's prices are much more appealing than its ambience.

Spent Saturday afternoon making the mattress cover and a tablecloth (which I'll actually use indoors) and will get around to making some cushions for the deck. Love sewing with large checks as cutting straight lines are easy and the fall of the tablecloth was measured by how many checks should hang over the edges. Didn't touch a tape measure all afternoon.

Will just need to be careful I don't use it all at the same time in one room. Don't want to be mistaken for a French bistro or Italian pizzeria.

NB. Apologies if anyone has had trouble trying to leave a comment. Seems to be some problem with blogger (now there's a surprise) at the moment.


  1. I'm with you on Spotlight - the shocking service always gets me down too, but sometimes it does deliver and didn't it just with your red and white checks. I'm really enjoying red and white too at the moment.
    Looks super!

  2. Gorgeous! Such a classic look and you've made that verandah look so inviting. Kind of wish we had a Spotlight nearby..though I must admit to feeling a little depressed when I've been in there too.

  3. How can you go past checks, they just look great and fresh whatever the season. I really need to make some table cloths too as all the vintage ones I find are too small. Maybe I'll take your lead and make my own! We are lucky re Spotlight as our local one (Ballarat) is very good, the service is always excellent. Have a fun week xo

  4. A lovely summery look, I think I could do with a bit of French bistro or Italian pizzeria even..every now and then!

  5. It all looks much too smart to be mistaken for an Italian bistro. The mattress cover is a particularly good idea.

  6. LOVE the checks and what you've achieved with them. I think sewing with checks is great for the reasons you mention .. stripes are good too!