Friday, October 14, 2011


However annoying the soapie theme tune is, it's true that everyone needs good neighbours. Makes city living that bit easier.

We are very lucky to have The Foodie living next door. Lucky because The Foodie looks after The Cat when we go off on our weekend camping trips. The Foodie loves animals and, despite working fulltime and having her own large and busy family, not only does she find time to come in and look after the usual feeding routine, she actually sits with The Cat for a bit each day.

The Foodie has noted that The Cat is a champion purrer, so knows her efforts are appreciated.

She's worth her weight in gold. Or, at the very least, dry cat food.

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. What a lovely way to present a gift. Our Jingles is on her own when we go away. There are so many people in this country afraid of animals, especially cats and dogs. Hard to find someone trustworthy to allow in here, plus Jingles isn't always personable with strangers. :/ Hope your weekend is bright and beautiful. Tammy

  2. Love the wrapping .. and the gift too for that matter! Happy weekend to you.

  3. Lovely to have neighbours like that. How nice of you to recognise her kindness with such a pretty gift. Thanks for the review of Bill's new book too. I've been wondering about a copy for me too; it could be just the thing.

  4. Yes - everyone needs good neighbours! How nice of you to acknowledge yours. You are very lucky.

    A happy new week to you, Stephie x