Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Japanese hexagons

Finally, the Japanese hexagon cotton throw rug I started way back when is finally finished (if you don't count the majority of loose threads at the back - but I'm working on them).

I thought I'd finished the hexagons a while ago but realised when I put them together on the floor, that the knee-rug size was just too knee-ruggy small so added another seven hexagons at each end.

I'm happy with the end result but don't quite get the allure of the small throw rug as it seems to be decorative rather than practical. Pretty, though, and worth the decision to unravel the first project that this grew from.

Maybe the Japanese like their throw rugs small and their dresses big.


  1. It's very pretty -- I like the muted colors you used. I've only made one tiny hexagon and one hexagon potholder. Right now, I'm not managing to get very much done at all. :/ Hope your week is great. Tammy

  2. Very lovely Vera, the middle designs add so much to it. Did it take you long to sew it together? Only yesterday I was in 'Little Peach' a simply gorgeous shop in Bangalow that sells all things Japanese, you would love it, some lovely little birds too!

  3. The colours in this are beautiful go beautifully together. It might not be quite the right throw rug for the middle of winter when nose to toe coverage is necessary but it looks right for dressing a spring room. Enjoy it.

  4. So beautiful - I love the hexagons.