Thursday, October 20, 2011

What a galah

Time to reveal another treasure that arrived in Kylie's package: the vintage galah pillowcase.

I gave it the crochet-trim treatment last night (the dots I marked for placement - and ignored - haven't worn off yet - so fresh is the handiwork) and will be revealed to The Child when she gets home this afternoon. She loved the one I prepared earlier (link to instructions are on this post if you want to do the same) so I know this one will be claimed for her bed.

The Child insisted the-then-untrimmed pillowcase come to South West Rocks with us recently but knowing it was vintage asked, "You have washed this, haven't you, Mum?" "Yes, of course," I lied, and shoved it under her nose to inhale the washing-powder scent.

It was obvious Kylie had washed it recently, so figured it was a technical lie only.


  1. It looks so much nicer with that pretty lime green edging Vera. And yes it was washed btw.