Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cutting edge

Have been on the lookout for a pretty vintage knife to cut cakes with. Needed to be broad so slices had a chance of making it onto plates without me making a total mess.

Found it on Saturday at Rozelle Markets. Didn't want to ask the stallholder the original purpose of the knife as she'd just had a somewhat heated discussion with a previous unsatisfied customer and was a bit het up, so the true purpose of its shape remains a mystery to me. Enlightenments welcome.

Picked up an old bread knife at the same time that's going to make weekend toast making that bit more glamorous.

Reckon this was $12 well spent.


  1. My 18 year old loves the word reckon. He listens to surf competitions from Sydney and secretly longs to be Australian.

  2. Your money was very well spent..loving those knives!

  3. The knife my family used to carve the roast, the 'carving knife' looked exactly like this. Dad would get out the bone handled steel to sharpen it before carving.

  4. Hi Vera,

    Your placement and arrangement for this post is simply...gorgeous! I couldn't stop looking at it, my, what an eye you have.