Monday, October 31, 2011

Flowers in the park

In the middle of a mini declutter on the weekend, I dropped what I was doing as had the unignorable urge to sort out the wool basket. Once the substantial balls had been tidied and put away, I was left with quite a pile of scraps. Scraps too pretty to throw out.

As I sat in the afternoon spring sun yesterday, I thought I could use them in place of garden twine to tie back plants and small branches for the fire come winter, so I unravelled them and popped them into an egg carton to keep them in order. A palette of green and blues (left over from my first ever granny-square rug) wouldn't look too mad in the garden, I thought. Or maybe it would. I didn't want to declutter the house and upclutter the garden.

Or I could crochet the scraps into flowers and use to decorate presents.

Very satisfying. Makes my fingers twitch wanting to make more.

Am yet to ask The Child if I'm allowed to take woolly egg carton to the annual Halloween picnic we have with friends in a local park and make more flowers this evening.

Suspect the little ghoul may say no as that would be just a bit too creepy...


  1. So lovely...will you be sharing the pattern for these flowers?
    xo jana

  2. Very cozy container of yarn bits and very pretty flowers. I try to take yarn with me wherever I go; might not always get the chance to use it, but at least it's with me just in case. :) Have a great week. Tammy