Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Flying high

Despite having enjoyed a long weekend, woke up in a grump thanks to the decidedly non-spring weather that has ruled, if not ruined, the school holidays so far. Little did I know that, waiting for me on the doorstep, was a little ray of sunshine that had winged its way from the other side of the continent.

Inside was such a vision of beautifully selected birdiness that I would have chirped, if I could.

After reading about my cockatoo teatowel cushion, I knew Kylie was sending a vintage teatowel but I didn't know she'd prettily wrap a thoughtful collection of avian beauty and send that too. All the bits and pieces will be shown here eventually, but this painting with its rustic frame just couldn't wait because the colours are bright and happy, unlike the sky today. Even nipped outside in my pyjamas (after checking neighbours were nowhere to be seen) to cut a few bottlebrush flowers from the street trees in celebration.

While writing this, a couple of blue wrens, east-coast cousins of the bird in the painting, were flitting about in the tree outside my window.

Thanks Kylie, you really did make my day.


  1. There is nothing nicer than an unexpected parcel. I hope that the sun shines for you before the holidays end.