Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fresh start

At the orthodontist the other day with The Child I pulled out my diary to make the next round of appointments. (I'm old-school when it comes to diaries, I like one I can write in and shove papers into.) Turns out the second appointment needed to be mid-January, so I needed a new diary pronto.

Had been using Frankie magazine's cloth-covered diary this year but didn't fancy the baby-poo brown cover of the 2012 version. Luckily, the orthodonist is just a hop, skip and jump away from Berkelouw Books in Leichhardt so we sauntered over to check out all the lovely offerings we knew they'd have. We both loved this one because of the beautiful colour combinations.

Also liked the idea of a seasonal fruit-and-veg guide literally at my fingertips.

I've covered my own with vintage fabrics in the past, but the internal blandless leaves me a bit cold. Unlike this one.

Another bonus is that the week-to-an-opening view (the only one I use) gives equal space to Saturdays and Sundays as the rest of the week. Highly unusual, I've found. Frankie was a surprise offender here, too, as it left little space for its readers to pencil in all the indie-market openings they're no doubt keen to get to.

Life doesn't stop on Friday afternoon, does it? Or do diary designers really think the people who buy these type of diaries are using them to jot down all their high-level corporate meetings or neuro-surgery schedule?

The Foodies' Diary, $29.95.


  1. I've bought a couple of frankie diaries for Chrissy pressies and you're right Vera, the cover colour in not very pretty...