Friday, October 28, 2011

Puff of spring

Spring on the urban 'farm' continues. The 5cm-wide pink pom-pom blossoms of the Lilly Pilly make the trees look like they've been covered by a fall of raspberry powderpuffs.


The trunk of the tea-tree is covered in too-small shedded cicada skins (it's clearly going to be a noisy summer).

And the chicken-dove waits on the fence for his breakfast.

Have a lovely weekend.

If you're reading this...
Jana, your comment yesterday made me laugh, particularly as I can surf - albeit sensationally badly!


  1. That pink puff is so pretty. And I love the red and white checked fabric you bought. Looks great on the table and as cushions. Hubby just told me that on his drive home this morning, he saw feathers fly -- sadly, a pigeon decided to make contact with his Mountaineer as he was flying down the highway. :/ Hope you are having a fab Friday. Tammy

  2. What lovely signs of spring -and envying you the coming summer sun and warmth.Here in England,we're wearing extra layers of clothing and from tonight onwards it will be dark by 5pm.

    That's why your blog will be addictive this winter...getting a fix of colour and sunshine...