Thursday, February 9, 2012

Big red

The first tomatoey crop of the urban mini farm is in. All five varieties have fruit but it's a Grosse Lisse that's first ripe for the picking.

Firm, very sweet and... slightly floury. Now waiting for some Tommy Toes, Mama's Delights, Black Russians and Tomato Berries to turn red so we can test them and see if our little garden is capable of growing good tomatoes.

Unfortunately, if all varieties aren't up to scratch may have to experiment again next year as we won't know if they're floury due to not enough sun or to too much water (extremely wet summer here). Last year's tomatoes were floury but were grown in pots, so I've eliminated that as a factor.

All good things take time.


  1. wow you did well to gget those out of this summer. my plants are still got little green balls on them.
    love a hone grown one, on toast with salt and pepper mmm.

  2. Well it looks good even if it didn't taste great. I'm not sure what would cause the floury-ness.