Monday, February 20, 2012

Crochet rage

When The Child saw these tweely named egg cosies, she stared. She was silent. She asked why eggs would need hats. She had a good point, I thought. This was the little project I mentioned last week. I didn't make them because I wanted any egg hats, just had the urge to crochet and wanted to try something new, and small.

Upside is I used 0.001 per cent of my wool stash - and we have egg hats - which could also be a downside...

What I cropped out of the top photo is the actual, proper crochet project that I posted about last Friday. Couldn't work out the chevron I wanted to make, as it wasn't a complete pattern, or the one I linked to as I don't understand how you can have a floating number of chains to begin with and I don't know how to get rid of any leftovers as suggested.

So I resorted to the ripple-blanket pattern that I've worked successfully from before. Thought I was clever enough to make it bigger than the pattern's 216+3 first chain row by adding the suggested multiples of 12+3 stitches. But either my maths was out or I mis-stitched somewhere as after two attempts, taking several hours each, I'm no further ahead. 216+12+3=231 doesn't it?

I need to go away and check my maths AGAIN - and translate the whole thing to a diagram so I can see what I'm doing wrong.

If the next attempt doesn't work, I'll either cry or begin the first of 25,000 egg hats.

Both patterns from the excellent book Vintage Crochet by Susan Cropper.


  1. Egg hats are to keep the eggs warm while you make the soldiers. If you try and make them both at the same time, you end up with cold soldiers. By you, I mean me.

  2. I think the hats must be for colder climates than ours. They always seem redundant when I pop them on. Sorry to hear about the creative frustrations. Crochet is always a mystery to me.