Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chain reaction

No-one but me has been allowed to sit at the dining room table since yesterday afternoon. I camped here determined to crack a new-to-me chevron pattern as I really didn't want to make another ripple blanket.

So I sat. I translated Michelle's pattern into a diagram. I tested it out. I finally got it.

I now have two completed rows on the blanket, which means easy-peasy crochet-with-your-eyes-closed plain sailing from here on in.

For anyone attempting something like this for the first time, take heart that it's the first row where you crochet into the foundation chain that's the nightmare. When working on something that's more than 200 stitches (I'm not keen on little knee rugs - but that may change when I'm old enough to require a knee rug - so I tend to make them all wider) it's almost impossible not to go wrong somewhere, particularly as you have to manipulate the hook into each chain a certain way, making the links distortingly confusing, to ensure a smooth edge.

So I learnt to fudge it - as everything becomes clear on the second row and I made up for any mistakes there - not easy for a retentive personality like me. I feel cleansed.

No more posts on this project till it's finished (or, at the very least, more interesting to look at). Promise.

ps. Here's a great pic that demonstrates exactly where to put the hook when working into a foundation chain.

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  1. Love your dining table. It's still life worthy. Mine has piles of washing on it and isn't. Glad you cracked the crochet thing, even though I have NO idea what you are talking about!