Thursday, February 2, 2012

Heckle and Jeckle

I love a bird, but even I draw the line at the Indian Myna, or cane toads of the air. Seems they don't draw the same line with us, unfortunately.

There are a pair of them, which we've nicknamed Heckle and Jeckle, after the ancient cartoon, that sit in the tree opposite our house looking straight in at us. They do this because they wait until the coast is clear and fly inside our house to eat The Cat's food.

I've tried leaving the door shut for days on end to try and break them of this habit, but they're smart. The moment the door is opened and we walk away, they're in.

They also like to sit in a tree in our garden, well within hose range, so I thought I'd start squirting them in an effort to encourage them to move on. Thought this would definitely work as it seems to have done with the currawongs, who don't come round much anymore.

So there was Heckle, or possibly Jeckle, in our tree and within hose range. So I gave it a blast, waiting for it to fly off issuing an angry screech as it left. Instead, it lifted one wing and then the other. Even danced around a bit. It was having a shower.

I suppose even pests can be funny. Sometimes.


  1. Ha! Was thinking of you this morning while watching a pair of doves cuddle in the tree out my window. Thanking you muchly for the book recommendations last year, I have now read The Dressmaker and There Should be More Dancing. Loved!

    1. Glad you liked them, Tracey. I'm half way through There Should be more Dancing at the moment and am enjoying how the characters are written in a way that makes me feel for them even when they're behaving abominably!

  2. I loathe and detest Myna's.
    Can't believe the little devils actually come inside. How cheeky!
    I think I remember H and J, they were naughty crows weren't they?