Monday, February 6, 2012

Community spirit

One of the chairs on our deck had been bothering me. It'd been a quick replacement pulled from storage after the chair it'd replaced had gone to god.

And then I spotted it. There's a guy who pops up regularly at markets selling old industrial furniture - and his ex-community hall fold-up metal chairs drew me in. They'd been completely cleaned up, were surprisingly comfortable, lightweight yet sturdy and $65 each. I didn't have $65 on me and he didn't take cards. No matter. Gave him a deposit and sent The Husband back to pick it up when I got home.

On his way back, The Husband passed one of his mates in the street so, naturally, he stopped. Told him what he'd been doing and showed him the chair. "Might be okay, once she's fixed it up and painted it," said friend. "Pretty sure this is it," said The Husband. Head scratching and confusion ensued.

Here it is. The Husband rather likes it and The Child considers it a mistake.

I'm as happy as Goldilocks settling into baby bear's chair. It's just right. Hopefully, unlike Goldilocks' experience, it won't fall to pieces.

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