Friday, February 10, 2012

Buttered up

We have special butter only allowed to be used on weekend toast. Butter that tastes like butter should - not like the stuff sold in supermarkets.

I noticed this Meander Valley Saint Omer butter a couple of months ago and being the curious soul/glutton I am decided to give it a go. It's the best Australian butter I've ever tasted, no question. The reason it's saved for weekends is because of the price - I've seen it for sale between $7.99 and $9.99 for 250g. A price I'm happy to pay because it's a quality handcrafted product. Should I win Lotto, it would be the only butter allowed in the house but in the meantime bog-standard Allowrie will have to do.

Their creme fraiche is also worth the price, but I found the double cream too thick.

Now, usually toast and marmalade is only made on weekend mornings but for the sake of this blog I made some this afternoon and then, of course, ate it.

All in the name of duty.

Have a lovely weekend. x


  1. Yum. We make our own creme fraiche and butter but I can imagine yours is a second best (nice packaging)!
    By the way, so chuffed you made the nutrient bar, I vary it quite a lot and it's really tasty with dried apricots and dessicated coconut. Don't try with linseeds though, it went down like a lead balloon with one of the children, she won't even touch it!
    Happy weekend .. enjoy that toast x

  2. Delish and I love the concept of 'weekend only' treats.
    I can imagine this on its own, atop really fresh warm bread.

    Happy day!