Friday, February 3, 2012

Cushioning the blow

The Husband wrote a column for today's post. He worked away at it last night, diligently tapping away for a couple of hours. "Finished," he declared and handed me the laptop. "Um, you've actually written about this before," I had to tell him. "Some paragraphs are almost word for word." "Rubbish," he blustered. I showed him the published column in question. It all came flooding back to him...

The upside of this tale is that when he next launches into a story he's told before, I now have evidence that he has form in this area.

I wasn't quite ready to show the teatowel cushions I've been making, but that's life. The first one (top) I made last week after finding the rough linen teatowel at The Bay Tree. It was just the right size for an Ikea feathered cushion I have. The backing is some linen I picked up at Calico & Ivy (gorgeous texture, $70m, which is actually great value considering its 2.75m wide), which I made a simple pillowcase-style opening with.

The cushion I'll whip us this weekend will use up a white linen teatowel I bought at Toast when in London just over a year ago. I found it too thick for everyday use so only used it a few times. The backing I'll make from another linen teatowel I bought at Milton the Christmas holiday before last. The frill will make a natural opening in the middle of a square cushion, and I'll declare the prettiest side the front.

At least I'll have two new options to hit The Husband over the head with.

ps. for anyone unfamiliar with Toast, its a British label that does lovely online catalogues.

Have a lovely weekend. x

If you're reading this...
Kylie, I'm not actually old enough to know the cartoon Heckle and Jeckle intimately, I'll have you know! It was popular around the late 40s! But I have a reasonably good memory (unlike my husband) and remembered seeing it somewhere.

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  1. Oh I like that very much indeed. Try not to inflict damage when you hit the husband (to the cushion, I mean)!
    Thank you for your suggestion of putting my arm into the snow. We are actually forecast to have 10cm of the white stuff tomorrow but I still think the answer is no ! If you don't mind, of course. x