Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Laundry picnic

I picked up my first vintage picnic basket, which I use as a sewing basket, many years ago. The second, the small one on top, came into the house about five years ago to give a home to the tapestry stuff I have, never use, but don't want to part with.

At Rick Rack Retro in Summer Hill on Saturday, I bought my third for $15. I had a specific purpose in mind for this one as there's a space quite high on a laundry shelf that it tucks perfectly into. As it has a lid, I can pull it down without the threat of WD 40, the magnetic window cleaning thingy and its sponges I bought at a shopping centre demonstration that I can't live without, spare oven knobs that I keep for no known reason and suede shoe protector, falling on top of my head. In other words, those random things that need a home somewhere out of sight.

I actually brought home a smaller version for the same price but realised when I got back that the bigger one would indeed fit so The Husband kindly went back to Summer Hill to swap it.

So if you're looking for a similar smaller version of the bottom basket, you know where to find it.

1 comment:

  1. What a great introduction to your lovely space.
    I've popped over from Jill's "Deux Chien et un Garcon" and was delighted to find a wicker basket story to begin my adventure of exploration.

    In our family a lovely basket that can be put to more than one use is a gift, although I have a feeling that my Mum may need to do some selective regifting sooner rather than later as there is a tower of terror building on the top shelf of her walk in pantry.

    Happy day, I'm off to explore...