Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sandy days

With all the grey skies this summer has thrown at us, I've been lighting lots of candles in and around the fireplace. Pillar-style candles I like to put in vases and jars as I don't want wax cascading over the floorboards like lava flowing over Pompeii.

However, most jars don't have completely flat bottoms so I tip a bit of Sydney sand, available from hardware shops, to create a sturdy base for the candles to sit on. The sand is inexpensive as it's the stuff used to make cement and fill sandpits with.

The sand has even turned one of the slim bottles or containers, which I found scattered underneath our house presumably left there by builders in the 1920s, into something useful.

I'd much prefer sunlight to candlelight at this time of year, but, apparently, the La Nina effect will keep Sydney reasonably grey until the end of summer.

As this is the only type of sand I'll probably see this month, I'll take what I can get.


  1. Absolutely beautiful. Who needs a roaring fire when your melange of candles so stylish.
    Mind you, given the temperature here today, I would prefer the roaring fire!

  2. what a lovely effect! I wish my house had a fire place, just so I could decorate it :)