Friday, February 17, 2012

Blanket statement

I was at Morris and Sons yesterday sourcing some product for a freelance job. I promised myself that's all I would do and would not buy a single thing for myself. So I bought seven things instead (eight if you could a new crochet needle, which I don't). I love this merino wool. I used it to make a blanket for The Child, who loves to wrap it around her as it's so soft against the skin. Not cheap, but totally worth it.

Reason being I felt the urge for a big crochet project again. The sort of simple, medatative project that I can get lost in and not think too much about. I was thinking blanket.

First started getting twitchy fingers last weekend so ended up looking for projects that would eat into my wool stash. Found a quick one, which I'll reveal at a later date that both The Child and Husband thought hilarious, but it just didn't hit the spot. I wanted something I would love, not just get on with.

What I found was this 1939 painting, Train Landscape, by Eric Ravilious as published in Jane Brocket's book The Gentle Art of Domesticity. The colours were perfect, and I used it as inspiration for the palette of my now-in-progress chevron eyelet striped blanket.

Should be finished just in time for next summer.

Have a lovely weekend. x

ps. have started a pattern but if I don't like the look after a few rows, I may change to this one.


  1. L.O.V.E this palette and can't wait to see the project unfurl.

    Happy weekend - clickety clack, you've got to love that!

  2. Lovely color combo. I am doing granny squares at the moment as they don't require a lot of concentration. Wish I was better at combining colors though. Your inspiration painting is beautiful. Have a great weekend. Tammy

  3. the wool does look warm and soft and the inspiration for the palette inspiring.

    I have not tried a chevron yet. We are moving to a cold house for a few months, a old fisherman's shack with only a pot bell and outside bathroom. So I am thinking blankets, one for each of us at least. Just have to get cracking.

    hope a bit of sunshine in old Sydney town this weekend.