Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wrapped up

Riding down the back lane on my bike I spied a pile of stuff a neighbour had put out for a council pickup. Of course, I slammed on the brakes and had a good look. Nothing worth getting off the bike for, apart from some pristine wire coathangers. Now I love wire coathangers - but only when wrapped in fabric - as they are perfect for sleeveless dresses and tops.

They take up no room in the wardrobe and clothes cling to them.

Pulled out my first ever ebay buy - the Sanderson fabric on the bottom - that I paid a silly price for, purely because I wasn't going to be outbid. The fabric duly arrived and was put in a cupboard. It's lovely, but too prettily flowery for my soft furnishings taste.

Not too pretty for wire coathangers, though. So I started cutting and covered one.

Only 9 more to go...

Instructions how to make these here.

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