Thursday, March 17, 2011

Candle wrap

Even though the sun is beating down outside, my mind will not be swayed from thinking about all things cocoony, cosy and cool weather. So I brought the hanging lanterns I made for a Notebook story that have been hanging outside inside and gave them a makeover. Tossed a Bonne Maman jar in there while I was at it.

Used a piece of muslin, a scrap of hessian and some left-over fabric to wrap around the jars and then secured them with big pins I bought at Spotlight a while back. As all these fabrics are quite gauzy, light will pass through quite easily... would the pins through little fingers so obviously not ideal where teeny tiny ones can grab them.

To see what others are doing in their creative spaces today, pop in here.


  1. I like your photos. They look like they have just come straight out of a magazine. They look like the perfect beach/summer inspired type candle. Lovely!

  2. So pretty with an organic-y edge to them. Great jars too. I agree with Kt... bring on the beach house feel.

  3. i like that these jars had no ideas life would be so sweet when they were made for vegemite and tomato passata and NOW look at them>!

  4. I love them, they look beautiful.