Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Angry birds

We've always been proud of the star jasmine that grew over our back fence as it was a sea of green and home to several doves. In spring, the fragrance was sweet and strong, to the point of once having to shut the back door on a hot summer's day as the scent was so thick it was giving me a headache.

What we didn't realise was that the jasmine was crushing the lattice beneath it and slowly pulling the fence over. So, very reluctantly, we had to cut it down. Every time I found a nest hidden within the twisted limbs I almost cried. I shouted to the displaced doves who were watching from a nearby roof that I wasn't razing their village but rather improving the infrastructure. They responded with an angry beady stare and then started doing the weird jumping and bobbing dance they always do. Clearly, they're not grudge holders.

With the lattice replaced, the Husband and I thought we'd make the most of the lovely long weekend weather - rain - by planting some seeds in our newly dug vegetable patch. The Child stayed indoors and busied herself by labelling paddlepop sticks to mark our seed placement. I think she may have pitied her covered-in-mud parents who now resembled medieval potato farmers as she slipped in an extra stick with a double-sided message to us.

Enjoying the rain immensely, I thought I'd try out a few test pots for the nude fence. We unanimously voted for Dulux Malay Grey, as it looks great behind our grevilleas. Decision was unanimous in a two-out-of-three-aint-bad Meatloaf-singalong kind of way as we didn't show the Child the options as we feared she may argue for the bright blue blob you see on my boot. The rain and homeless birds were depressing enough.

So we celebrated by taking the Child to the last night of the Vivid Festival. In the rain.


  1. Sounds like a lovely way to spend a weekend! I imagine that jasmine would have been gorgeous! Shame you had to cull it but fun to be planting something new! I am currently attempting to grow flowers (first time ever, gardening novice that I am). Will have to flick back through your posts for tips...

  2. When I read 'razing their village' I had to laugh! Poor birds. Hope their home grows back nicely, but doesn't obscure the new paint job too quickly!

  3. What better way to spend your time when it's raining than by being outdoors! I did the weeding until I couldn't feel my fingers anymore! Don't worry about the doves. They will just find somewhere else to nest if all else fails. I was quite upset when we had to pull down our arbor (it must be a jasmine thing!) dislodging the resident pair but they have well and truly extracted their revenge by nesting in the eaves right outside our bedroom window instead. Who needs an alarm clock?! Stephie x

    PS Glad you got to Vivid, the lights make everything seem magical don't they?