Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I smell good

I can make such an outrageously fragrant statement as it has nothing to do with me personally but, rather, the Miller Harris perfume, picked up at Duck Egg Blue, Balmain, I was given for Mothers' Day.

I tend to fall in love with scents quite quickly and then tire of them just as soon. I'm fragrantly fickle, it seems. Rarely do I make it to the end of a bottle. But I'm pretty sure this one is THE one.

Even though Miller Harris is an English company, my particular love has the fancy pancy name of Noix de Tubereuse and falls somewhere between an oriental and a floral scent. Sweet but with depth. Just the way a great love should be.


  1. I used to be fickle about perfume too, but for the last 8 years or so I have worn Clinique's 'happy' every single day. I think I need to get adventurous and find a new scent.
    I adore the box on yours - it is just lovely.

  2. Grüezi (Good day)! ;o)
    I bought myself a bottle of peach body spray just recently at yves rocher, and it's pure heaven every morning when I put it on. I stick to scents according to the season. I like heavier things in winter, fruity or flowery fragrances in summer!