Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Brown sugar

I was reminded yesterday that brown sugar is not a less processed form of white sugar. In fact, it's just white sugar with molasses added. Now I can't be bothered making brown sugar every time I need it so am happy to buy it. However, some recipes call for dark brown sugar - and I draw the line at buying that. Instead, I add molasses to either white caster sugar or brown sugar - whatever I have more of in the cupboard at the time.

Above is packet white caster sugar, packet brown sugar and dark brown sugar I've made from pulsing 2 cups of caster sugar with about a 1/4 cup of molasses in a food processor.

Life is sweet. Crowded cupboards aren't.


  1. I had never thought to do that. Will definitely remember that one. And with the added molasses you are getting just a touch more goodness than with ordinary white sugar.

  2. i love the caramely taste of brown sugar.
    I also just buy it as I figure it's easier but I love that it's so easy to make ♥

  3. Well, well, well! I was always told and have read that brown sugar is indeed a less processed form of sugar cane. I was some of our politians have said.
    There's nothing nicer than brown sugar on porridge on a cold morning, steam rising from the bowl.

    Have a lovely week,