Thursday, June 30, 2011

Warms hand, cold fingers

My glubs are finally finished and ready to be sent to my mother to help keep her elderly little hands warm.

These were super easy to make:

Using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK yarn I made a foundation chain of 32 stitches, which creates a square that once folded in half is nice and loose (but not too loose) for medium-sized hands.

I then did one row of treble crochet stitch before doing nine double rows of treble stitch (to create larger stripes) and then finished off with a last row of treble stitch to create my finished square.

Finished the edges of the square off with double crochet stitch and then added a shell edging at the top.

I then turned the squares into fingerless mittens by joining sides with double crochet worked from the outside, leaving open a gap of two stripes for the thumb.

To make a shell edging:

Complete a double crochet stitch into the first stitch of double crochet that you edged the square with, then miss two stiches and work five treble stitches into the next stitch. Miss the following two stitches (the first shell is complete) and start again at the double crochet.

You might have to fudge the last shell a bit as I haven't checked the maths of it and the edging of one my glubs fitted perfectly, while the other one was fudged a bit (but you can't tell). Clearly, the problem lies with me. Not much of a problem, though. Really.

All stitches are given in the UK terms.

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  1. Really lovely! I do wish I had some crochet skills.

  2. WOnderful colour choices! And such an easy idea

  3. lovely colours and great choice of yarn. :)

  4. They are gorgeous and just what I need here to ward off the cold :)

  5. I'm sure your mum will lo0ve having warm hands :) I am really enjoying working with DB baby cashmerino - and I'm about to start with some regular cashmerino. It's soft isn't it? Thanks for the pattern :)
    S&R xo

  6. Hasn't it just been crazy cold here in Sydney!? Anyway, love the colours you chose!
    Ronnie xo

  7. These are very pretty, I think you mum will love them!