Friday, June 24, 2011

Le chat

The Child was sitting on the floor of her room practising her flute while inexplicably wearing a grass skirt (I do not ask). Suddenly, she heard and felt some scratching. The Cat was trying to make a nest in her skirt.

I don't know who's odder, the Child or the Cat but they both make me laugh, and I was reminded of an old book I had somewhere. Scratching around myself, I found French for Cats: All the French your Cat will ever Need, written by Henry Beard, a co-founder of National Lampoon magazine.

Why a cat speaking French is even more amusing than a cat speaking cat is I don't know. It just is. Must be the perceived shared attitude.

If only I could get Le Chat to wear a beret.


  1. Oh that is just too funny!!! And that book looks utterly adorable..
    Ronnie xo

  2. Hey if The Child is in a grass skirt, surely you can get the cat to cooperate! Too funny!

    Happy weekend, Stephie x

  3. Cute! Cats are curious creatures. They find pleasure in the simplest of things. Happy day to you, Tammy

  4. The mysteries of daughters and cats are not easily understood in French or English but I shall watch out for that cat book as I trawl second hand book stalls. Enjoy your weekend. T x

  5. Was given that book by a friend many years ago and still get so much pleasure from it, especially the vet visit pages (being a vet and cat adorer). Thankyou for your lovely, gentle blog, it truly brightens my days. Sarah

  6. Yes! I love that book. I used to have it too. Not sure where it is now though.