Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I was in Calico & Ivy checking out these fingerless gloves, thinking I could make them. Seems I was being incredibly transparent - well, I was counting the rows - because from behind the counter I heard, "Would you like to take a photo?"

Feeling guilty, I looked up to find the question was genuine and not facetious. Phew. So, of course, thanking Sarah, whose name I found out later, I did. So now I have three balls of wool - the person I have in mind has a thing for purple - and another woolly project to begin before finishing all my other woolly projects.

We, the Husband and I, call gloves glubs as that's what the Child called them when she was a toddler. While she grew out of the term about 10 years ago, we haven't.

So glubs it is.


  1. wow, they look fabulous and I love the colors you chose. happy creating and you will take a pic when your finished, won't you? ;o)

  2. Those glubs look lubly! I need to make some!

  3. aren't glubs just a great idea !
    Have fun whipping them up, they are super easy to make - always good to find something pretty and functionable :)
    Great yarn selection BTW, look snug already.