Monday, June 27, 2011

Inner west France

The bright weekend sunshine provided the perfect excuse to roam around a couple of markets. Picked up five elegant little glasses for just $1 each, my favourite buy of the weekend, on Saturday at Rozelle Markets.

Along with the apples that came home with me on Sunday from Marrickville Markets was an almost pristine copy of Vicki Archer's My French Life, $10, an old metal bicycle basket, $10, which I'll use for office storage.

Continuing with the unintentional rustic French theme I also popped into my bag a new, but old-style, dishwashing moppy thing, $5, from a stall selling millet brooms, natural bristle wooden dustpan and scrubbing brushes, and all sorts of beautifully made cleaning items from the Snowy Mountains area of NSW.

Everything they had was well priced so keep a look out for them at a market near you as they don't do any regular stints but move around. I have to use the generic term 'they' as stupidly I didn't get 'their' name.

Must have been intoxicated by all that sunshine. If only I could have distilled and sipped it from one of my glasses. With a croissant.


  1. I'm longing for some wire baskets like that.....
    xo jana

  2. Gorgeous finds! I bought a wire basket a few weeks back too. Looks like lovely weekend reading. How cool is that dishwashing mop? That business sounds like it's not too far from here. I wonder if there are any local stockists? I use one of them, but mine is plastic :(

  3. Lovely finds - especially those glasses. I haven't been to Rozelle markets for years. I might just have to plan a trip over.

  4. Gosh, I haven't been to either of those markets before and I've lived in Sydney pretty much my whole life! Lovely glasses Vera!
    Ronnie xo

  5. I love looking at your finds Vera! All those goodies but the Vicki Archer book for $10! Tres Divine! She has a blog which has some truly beautiful pictures. Oh to live in France.