Friday, June 17, 2011

Wash day

Possibly my favourite ever vintage buy. Encapsulates many homey things that warm my heart, such as fresh linen, washing lines, hand-made embroidery, domestic history. $10 from Marrickville Markets.

Could stare at it for hours. Which may explain why I need new glasses.


  1. I can understand very easily why this little linen bag is a particular favourite of yours...those towels on the lovely.

  2. This is lovely - never been to the Marrickville Markets before! Might have to do so sometime...

  3. i agree. it is totally divine. x

  4. Gorgeous! And making washing just that little bit more enjoyable.

  5. You got yourself a good deal there! I love it too, it's (to me) reminisant of rural France, just need the smell of baking bread and the dappled sunshine through the grape vine to go with it!
    Have a lovely weekend,

  6. I love it! It reminds me of my nan. I don't know why though she never had one. Maybe it's more the embroidery. I have many of her old doilies.

    Happy weekend to you and I hope you get lots of washing done given that the sun is out and about for a change!

    Stephie x