Monday, August 8, 2011

Bucket list

On the usual market trawls this weekend, what was catching my eye was utilitarian items I could use around the garden or outdoors. This bucket thingy will double up nicely as a camping bucket (dinner plates fit perfectly into it) and kindling bucket. It's almost too warm for fires now so maybe I'll spend a few happy hours thinking about what else to do with it, a clearly urgent task that'll keep me from the paid work I'm supposed to be doing.

Picked up an old billy, $5, which I'll use as a small watering can and found a good use for my scoop, thanks to a $3 Rozelle Markets canister. Mother Dove is back - she never left really as she pecked around the garden with her mate all last week - so when I say back, I mean back in her nest for short cooing periods during the day. The canister contains bird seed I throw into our garden. Least I could do, I thought.

Could be a bit of a mistake, encouraging her to stay. The nest is between the brick wall of our house and the brick wall that separates us from the neighbours so the cooing is somewhat amplified. She's literally on a direct Twitter feed to any passing currawongs. If any eggs appear, I'm pulling the blind down until the end of summer.

If you're reading this...
Harmony & Rosie, sorry don't have any magic tricks for brass. I checked in a few books I've got and the homespun formulas seem pretty messy. They're also offered after the first suggestion of Brasso, anyway, which is hardly enlightening.

I'm doing a vintage finds link up here today.


  1. I rather fancy that big bucket. It is a good find. I am glad to hear that mother dove is about and doing her thing too.

  2. What a great collection of metal vessels! Love them all!

  3. Love the top one - mum used one like that for jam, and another to dye clothes

  4. Nice jam pan! we have one very similar with a big fat plant in it, outside of jam making season. Lovely blog x