Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sew far, sew good

After years of coveting Japanese sewing books, I couldn't resist buying the English version of the Stylish Dress Book. I hesitated a bit as my sewing skills are basic but came round with a little encouragement from Tracy and the serendipitous bumping into of a friend who's a whizz with the machine while I had the book in my hands in the local book shop.

Sewing friend cast a keen eye on the instructions and thought them well doable. She couldn't quite understand why I just didn't go and buy a pattern, rather than choose to trace one from the book as she could clearly see past the lovely Japanese styling. I could not. Think she noticed the tears welling in my eyes like a disappointed toddler so suggested a sewing day at her house.

Couldn't get to the counter and part with the $30 purchase price quickly enough.

Off I went to Tessuti's in Surry Hills to pick up some fabric. I resisted all the lovely rolls of Liberty they had as I wanted to have a crack at the pattern at home first on some less expensive fabric. Chose a Japanese cotton for my test dress.

I'm going to take things slowly and just trace the pattern today. So out of the cupboard came a roll of old English tracing cloth I bought from Reverse Garbage a couple of years ago, and have never had the opportunity to use. I have no idea what its original use would have been but it's lovely stuff.

Dress A is the project from the book. So, come spring, if you see someone wandering around Sydney wearing an olive green with white gold-rimmed flowers not terribly well-made sack, that'll be me.

To see what others are doing in their creative space today, go here.

If you're reading this...
Ally, your mother knows what's what. I have it on good authority (thanks Fleur) that my big bucket is indeed a jam-making pot.


  1. Wow, good for you. I want to do this too one day.

  2. Can you hear me cheering from the sidelines? I am curious to see what you make as I have earmarked time and fabric for one of these too. Good luck. T x

  3. Oh, I love that fabric, and I've long loved that book too, though not been brave enough to buy it.
    Have you see this blog? She's made all the dresses and has a few hints and some wonderful images.

  4. I've seen this book on so many blogs now that I think I need to buy this one. I really need some more "sacks" for leggings days! Would love to see the finished result. You lucky thing to be able to pop into Tessuti! I do love their online store.

  5. I love Japanese sewing books and have contemplated buying some of the non English ones, but haven't been able to bring myself to for fear of not being to figure it out without the English:) Good luck, can't wait to see how it comes out! Cyndy

  6. The book looks adorable!
    Good luck with the dress!