Monday, August 15, 2011

My beautiful lavanderia

This book caught my eye as I was leaving the library late last week so, on a whim, I walked back to the desk and borrowed it. I'm so glad I did.

Italian Joy written and photographed by Carla Coulson was a delight to read from beginning to end. It's hardly new, being published in 2005. It's the classic story about a single woman wanting to change the direction of her life and then doing exactly that. What I like about this book, more than some others which have followed it, is that she did it with passion and perseverance rather than those with large bank accounts who paid people to make it happen for them. That's all very nice too, but not really much of a story.

My favourite chapter in the book is the one entitled The Laundrette, or Lavanderia in Italian (such a beautiful word for washing). It captures the way her life has slowed down since she left Sydney for Florence and she now cleans her own apartment and does her own washing - and enjoys having the time to do so.

I love this book because of the way Carla Coulson captures the domestic beauty of the Italian lifestyle in her photographs and words. The way her dreams have unfolded in the same gentle way as her now sun-kissed sheets.

That's something money can't buy.


  1. The pictures do tell a thousand words don't they? This book sounds like the perfect read for a weekend or a day at the beach in the sunshine!

  2. I borrowed this one from the library awhile back and really enjoyed the pictures and story too. Even the hubby enjoyed me pointing out some of the pictures (his parents hail from Rome). I may have to borrow it again to refresh my memory :)

  3. domestic beauty. that's where it's at for me these days. ah the simple pleasures.

    thanks for stopping by and leading me back to you. that's quite some magazine pedigree you have there.


  4. I read this book when it came out and was enthralled, Carla has a blog and also does all the photography for Vicki Archer's beautiful books. I think she's got life all sorted, married in Paris, taking photos of gorgeous places and a mixture of people. Makes me think one needs to take the day by the collar and run with it.